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Empire Services West is your full service, commercial and residential,  restoration partner!

Our team of experts are highly experienced in emergency response, disaster (water, mold, fire, and smoke) mitigation, asbestos and lead abatement; and we are committed to expediting the process in order to ensure minimal disruption to your home or business when disaster strikes. Simultaneously, we are focused on coordinating the immediate response measures and taking the necessary steps to prevent secondary damage.
Empire Services has highly qualified technicians and the tools needed to handle all of your restoration needs. As specialized experts, we are capable of making sure that your valuable time is not wasted.
When disaster strikes, Empire Services West customers can be certain that all necessary steps are taken immediately, with no delay.


Empire Services West understands how a building disaster can dramatically impact your employees, customers, revenue, and profits. 
Empire Services West offers a totally free PREP program (Priority Response Emergency Program) to enable you, your building staff and our experts to know the critical details about your building long before any disaster happens. Your businesses customized plan goes in depth, mapping out critical details that are often overlooked. This alone will ensure that you are able to get back to operating status faster and allowing you to minimize the impact of the disaster.
Many building owners and managers have basic “plans” on what to do, but rarely does a building owner make provisions for a local “go to” disaster response contractor that is qualified and will respond professionally even during the middle of the night! With your businesses customized PREP plan, Empire Services West provides you with a direct – personally answered phone number and access to your key account manager.  We will answer and respond with all the right equipment and skilled staff immediately – day or night, weekend or holiday.
By utilizing PREP, you and your building are much more prepared and your business is much more likely to recover quickly.
By identifying critical building equipment, shut-offs, key vendors, and other emergency information, our PREP plan will provide you with the peace of mind you need for your building. Our skilled pre-disaster planning personnel will capture this critical data on your behalf, present a copy of it to you are your staff, and will provide you secure access to all of your critical building data in a cloud-based, pre-planning (PVO) software.  And yes… all of this at NO CHARGE! 
Our obvious goal is to be your dedicated disaster recovery contractor of choice when a disaster happens.
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