Residential Restoration Services

Welcome to Empire Services West, your PARTNER in home repair! Our services in Phoenix, Arizona are second to none, providing affordable and reliable restoration for homes throughout the valley. Our quick-responding experts can handle even the toughest situations, removing debris, mold, and even fire damage.
As a trusted leader in the restoration industry, you can depend on Empires Services West and our expert technicians, whether you need emergency flood damage restoration due to storm damage or you have experienced the devastation of a fire. Our experts have the training, experience, and equipment to make your house feel like home again.
With Empire, your house will look better than good-as-new. We specialize in improving the conditions of your property, and look forward to giving you years of fast, professional service.
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service
  • Highly Trained Restoration Technicians
  • Fast and Efficient
  • Advanced Restoration and Cleaning Equipment

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Fire, water, and mold restoration are the cornerstones of our business. Our team is dedicated to responding faster and efficiently addressing disasters of any size. Our focus on training ensures we have the expertise and skills needed to promptly restore your property right the first time. Our restoration services include the following:
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Fire Damage Restoration
  • Mold Remediation
  • Storm and Major Events
  • Asbestos and Lead Abatement
  • Reconstruction

Water Damage Clean-Up

Empire provides exceptional water-damage clean-up in the form of pumping and replacement of various walls and floors. Whether it’s stains, deep water rot, or simple leaks, Empire can tackle the restoration and renewal process in your home.
If storms or flooding have sent water into the foundation of your home, don’t worry. Empire has the procedures and equipment to remove it for you. We will siphon out excess rainwater, waterproof your home if necessary, and recommend certain flood insurance officials to you. Rest easy during a storm with Empire on hand!
In addition to costly flooding damage, simple leaks below ground can cause your basement or cellar to become water-damaged. In this case, you may not notice the damage for some time; be sure to check your cellar frequently for possible cracks in the foundation and leaks in the plaster. This way, you can be sure that your basement is clean and secure.

Fire Damage

A fire can leave scars on your home that last for decades. Don’t leave your home marred by fire damage or lightning strikes–call Empire to take care of the destruction. We have plenty of services for removing burnt walls, insulation, siding and even roofing, and can also do debris removal if burnt or broken beams and plaster have fallen into your home.
Fire damage can also leave lasting trouble with your electrical system. Frayed, scorched or melted wires can lead to years of trouble, so have this heat damage repaired immediately with Empire’s trusty electricians. We can keep your home functioning perfectly despite fires or gas leaks, and give you the peace of mind that comes with a restored interior and exterior.

Smoke Damage

Even if a fire doesn’t do lasting or permanent damage to your home, its emissions can still harm your house. If the fire was in your home, or even in your neighborhood, the smoke and soot from its active period can leave lasting, hard-to-remove residue.
Getting rid of this pervasive damage is difficult without a trained specialist. If you have smoke damage that you can’t get rid of, call Empire Services West: We’ll be glad to remove the offending foreign matter for you, and in addition, give you advice on how to better smoke-proof your home!
There are some emissions that are not only unsightly, but also harmful or even deadly to you and your family. If there is a chemical fire, spill or detonation anywhere near your home, call Empire to have any damage examined immediately. Residue from chemical fires or explosions could be poisonous, or even in some cases, radioactive. Never turn down an opportunity to keep your property safe!

Mold Removal

Mold is a tricky parasite to remove from your home. For this reason, always allow an expert professional to take mold out of your house. Mold spores that get into your lungs or eyes could cause severe respiratory or visual problems, and this could lead to costly medical concerns. When mold or a substance that looks like mold appears, always consult a learned contractor or home repairman first before tackling the substance.
It should also be noted that some substances that look like mold are not, in fact, actual mold. Residue, grime buildup or machine waste can often look and feel like some varieties of mold. Make sure to have the mold-like substance examined by someone familiar with such organisms; Empire Services West has several such experts on hand for these situations. Make good use of them, and don’t let mold take over your home!

Storm Damage

When the weather gods come knocking, your home often takes a beating. How severe the damage is varies from state to state and climate to climate, but generally storm damage can rack up a bill in the thousands of dollars.
Fortunately, Empire has a cheap and affordable service for removing broken tree branches, fallen shingles, and other debris from your property. The twigs, limbs, and blown-in flotsam of a serious storm can be tedious and even dangerous to clean up. Leave it to Empire to address this messy problem!
In addition, lightning strikes and rain damage on your home can also be repaired and restored by Empire Services West. Our capable and efficient servicemen will locate and remove the damaged portions of your property, restoring them completely within a week to a month depending on the size of the damaged section. Sometimes replacement and restoration can take as little as a few hours to complete!
Why to Choose Empire Services West
Overall, Empire has all the restoration services you need. What’s more, we are an honest, straightforward company, fully devoted to giving you the best service possible. We will even work with your home insurance company, and help you file a claim! So if it’s home restoration or repair you need, call Empire right away. We’re here to help!