Beyond the Basics – Preparing for Monsoon Season

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Monsoon season has officially started and commercial properties are best prepared when taking steps to help minimize damage – before the storms roll in.

Preparing for monsoon season includes steps BEYOND checking your property for possible leaks and roof damage. 

  • Prepare your property, including addressing areas that are prone to water damage or storm damage or have been in the past. Have a plan. Assign a group or individual that will have the task of checking the property regularly. Monsoon storms approach quickly and can be devastating. Read more about preparing your property here.

  • Establish a relationship with a commercial mitigation specialist in advance. Shopping for a company that is reputable and knowledgeable after a storm can be chaotic. Wait times can be as long as long as a week and the potential for secondary damage (mold and mildew) increases quickly. Empire Services West offers the PREP Plan which gives your commercial property priority over other incoming calls. Read more about enrolling in the FREE PREP Plan here.

  • Have your property pretested, in advance, for asbestos, lead, and other hazardous materials that might delay repairs. Environmental testing is typically good for up to a year and can allow for the immediate repair of any damage. The cost of advanced testing is less expensive than when done in an emergency situation. Greenway Environmental Group offers low cost environmental testing to commercial properties.

  • Review your insurance policies. Have an in depth understanding of what is covered and what is not, for example, water that enters under a doorway is typically only covered by flood insurance and mold claims are often denied if the proper steps to address the water intrusion have not been followed. Read more here.

  • Understand the liabilities and repercussions that can arise when water damage is not addressed by a professional. Mold that is not re-mediated properly can spread and cause serious health conditions. Legal ramifications can be costly. Consult with a water damage technician who is trained in how to dry your property effectively and can test to make sure there is no underlying moisture.

The Priority Response Emergency Guide, provided at NO CHARGE by Empire Services West, is designed to give you the ADVANCED tools and guides so that you are well prepared to get your business running again as quickly as possible after a disaster.

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