When to Call a Water Damage Remediation Company

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by Krista Spencer

Many people who experience water damage have questions about when it is necessary to call a restoration company after a flood or other water intrusion. Whether it be from a pipe break, over flowed toilet, roof leaks, or a water heater burst; it is necessary to evaluate each situation differently. Water remediation professionals are trained and certified, able to evaluate the damage, and will recommend the most effective way to remediate the water and avoid secondary damage, such as mold.

Professional water restoration training involves a variety of drying methods; each is important to in order to avoid costly, secondary damage, which many insurance claims will not cover. Training includes water extraction techniques and drying methods, dehumidification processes, and moisture evaluation. Certain aspects, such as temperature, dew point, and relative humidity are also taken into consideration to ensure that the prime conditions needed for biological growth are not present. If these processes are not followed and moisture is left undetected the likeliness of developing mold and mildew is significant.

Trained water damage technicians will access the amount of water, what it has come in contact with, the exposure time, temperatures, and other variables. They will then determine the level of remediation required to dry the affected materials or, if necessary, remove these materials and replace them. Often, moisture meters and thermo-cameras are used to determine the amount of moisture that needs to be addressed after the extraction process. Additionally, dehumidifiers and air moving equipment will need to be strategically placed, throughout, in order to effectively dry the area as quickly as possible.

Each water intrusion is different and should be accessed by a trained professional. There are many variables and if left unaddressed there is the potential for mold and/or mildew growth. Mold and mildew is typically not covered under insurance and the cost to remediate is significantly higher than if the property had been dried sufficiently as soon as the water damaged was detected. Mold and mildew can also cause health issues such as allergic reactions, lung and respiratory disease, headaches, and other problematic symptoms.

The question of when to call on a water remediation professional is simple: the call should be placed as soon as the water is detected. Most companies will come out and give an evaluation at no charge. Having a trained expert assess the damage after a leak or flood will give you a professional scope of the work needed to bring your property back to its original condition, as well as, the peace of mind regarding the imposed health risks that could be present if the water is not addressed accordingly.

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